“Crawford Bay School is on-the-cusp… in the pocket… being the ride. It
is a most present, youthful and energetic place where the format of learning
and teaching is being developed as we go. Teachers are remaining as open to
learning as the students and are working hard to really LISTEN to the kids.
The kids are learning their voices. It is a steep learning curve, but it is
coming. This school is smiling and open. It is full of students who love to
teach and teachers who love to learn.
Crawford Bay School is a gem. It’s sparkle is best seen when you can witness
all ages interacting and engaging together. When the boom of the marimba
sets a tone for the hammering of the newly-built trebuchets. When the whir
of the lathe accompanies the clicking of the keyboard in an expert project.
Crawford Bay School is a hub. The community filters into this school, like
new student-teachers, excited to be filling the aisles with new ideas and
endless promise. We are welcome here. We are asked to be a part of the
learning experience. We are parents and volunteers and mentors and
supporters and we keep coming back because the vibe is getting so cool at
this school.
Crawford Bay School has been given the go-ahead… To not just be going
along for the ride, but to actually build and BE THE RIDE. The promise is
astounding and I am grateful to be a part of it.”