“Prior to moving to this area, I worked for 6 different schools.   Without a doubt, Crawford Bay School offers the most unique, open, creative and innovative opportunities for students to learn.  In some of the schools I worked in, not only did I not know many of the students in attendance but I did not really even know many of the teachers whom which I worked with on a daily basis.  There was little to no time for collaboration and departments were very separate from one another.  In some schools, there were so many behavioral problems, that administrators were constantly overwhelmed with disciplinary issues.  The classes were somewhat the same, just a different face at the front of the room.

When I came to CBESS, I was so impressed to see how connected staff, students and community were to one another. There is a blend of people working together to teach, to learn, to help and to grow, it is really something you see every day at our school.

Not only do I think the Wednesdays are the “bomb” but so is the greenhouse, the hot lunch program, the mind up activities in the classrooms, the mentorships, the community involvement, the humanitarian trips, the technology, the ski days, and the list goes on and on.  I think CBESS is awesome and has lots to be celebrated!

It is a pleasure to work with you and your team of dedicated and caring staff and as a parent I think my children are pretty darn lucky to be going to Crawford Bay School!!”